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     With the news of the death of a long-absent father, two siblings and their childhood neighbors find themselves returning to the place they once called home. As they singularly descend on the location of their last physical connection, the four of them find themselves jolted into a layered whirlwind of memory and sensation where they must not only come to terms with their connected pasts, but with the paralleled and unexpected reality of the present.


   We are...


      DeeDee / Donna Costello
      Jack / Zach Martens
 Daniel / Jeff Lyon
        Vivian / Tori Sparks     




Conceived and Directed by Kelly Bartnik

Written by Kelly Bartnik, Donna Costello, Jeff Lyon, Zach Martens, Tori Sparks

Sound Design by John Glover

Costumes by Colleen Ehrlich 

Art Direction by Tori Sparks

Stage Management by Monique Bernier

Spatial and Interactive Design by Wildrence LLC, Episode 1 at The Mist

Generous contributions by GRDN and Van Brunt Stillhouse

Produced by Kelly Bartnik, Wildrence LLC, Lisa Leighton, Tori Sparks

All material has been collectively created and devised by cast and director


episode one

Tickets on sale May 1.

Thursday, May 18
Saturday, May 20
Sunday, May 21
Thursday, May 25
Saturday, May 27
Sunday, May 28
Thursday, June 1 (on sale 5/26)
Sunday, June 4 (on sale 5/26)
Monday, June 5 (on sale 5/26)
More coming soon...



Please be advised The Mist is not currently wheelchair accessible.

Must be 21 or older.


Episode One

by Tyler Sparks

Pilot teaser

by Tyler Sparks


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Generous contributions by GRDN and Van Brunt Stillhouse

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Ladies and gentleman we're pleased to announce at the end of our Indiegogo campaign that we raised 127% of our goal!  Coming in at 12,930 dollars, we now have funding for our initial pilot episode, as well as funding for a Composer, Dramaturg, and much more!

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